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imagesI find it hard to compose a paragraph or two introducing myself, so let’s allow the voices in my head to do that for me, yes? (In case you are now worrying about my mental health, let me reassure you that I am a perfectly sane person with just a tad case of the ‘whimsies’). That being said, the voices will conduct an interview that I hope will alleviate this brain freeze while providing you, dear reader, with information about me.

FYI- I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, so if you’d like to communicate with me, please feel free to leave a comment:)

How long have you been writing?

– Excellent question! (Ok, I’ll stop. I’ve begun to scare myself.) I have been writing since I was a young girl. I would scribble things down and not realize that they were stories. Then in the third grade, I had a wonderful teacher who introduced me to the Nancy Drew mystery series. I was always a voracious reader, and having great reading material led me to create material of my own. To be a writer is to be a reader, though the opposite is not always the case.

Did you always write romance fiction?

Short answer– yes. Slightly longer answer – It is a truth universally acknowledged that I, like the rest of the romance novel-reading community, enjoy a good love story. I like to read amazing stories of love and romance, and I love to write them. I used to write really embarrassing scenarios in which my friends and I played the main protagonists, and you guessed it…we always got our men.

Do you only write romance fiction?

– I love the written word, I really do. I love everything from children’s books to romance fiction to literary fiction, and everything in between. I’m amazed by people’s imagination, and their creations as a result of their fancies. It’s my dream to write in multiple genres. I have an idea for a YA fiction novel that is currently running around my mind.

Who are some of your favorite authors, romance and otherwise?

– Anything Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Julia Quinn, and Nora Roberts, although I really shouldn’t say favorite because there are so many talented writers out there. Jane Austen, Harper Lee, Joseph Heller, Ayn Rand – yes, I said (wrote) Ayn Rand. I know she was out there, but her themes fascinate me, not to mention her characters’ page long monologues. (I recently watched an episode of 30 Rock where Jack was reading from it instead of the bible while ministering over a wedding. I about died.) I’m going to stop now because honestly this list could go on forever as I think of the gazillions of books I’ve read and own.

This has been fun and all, but let’s cut it short. Is there anything else your readers should know about you?

rp1 410

Southern Arizona sunset on a warm summer day.

– I was thrilled to have a story chosen for the Avon Impulse Christmas anthology Five Golden Rings. I’m typing away at different stories all the time, and hopefully I’ll have another one published soon. I come from a rowdy family of three younger brothers and supportive parents. I’ve been an educator for more than ten years, and hope to continue in some capacity while still being able to find time to write.

I’ve been blessed in many ways in my life, and I count this experience (publishing with Avon) as another blessing.


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