Women Rock

I’m a big believer in women supporting women. So many times, as women, we are our own worst critics. We can, at times, be a bigger enemy to each other than our male counterparts because we’re so used to having to fight for what we have. Thankfully, I do think this is changing. We are better off now than we were twenty years ago, and hopefully, in another twenty years, we will have progressed even further in terms of gender equality.  So why I am going on about all of this? I watched a video of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Megyn Kelly from The Kelly File speaking at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit and I was so impressed with them both. They were poised, well-spoken, knowledgeable, and smart. But you know what? They were personable and charming, too and powerful women aren’t usually described that way. I just had a moment where what they were saying resonated with me, regardless of the difference in our professions. This is also regardless of any differences we might have in general. I was proud for them. And maybe that’s cheesy but I don’t care. I’m sharing the link in hopes that it makes someone out there want to, as Megyn Kelly stated, “settle for more.”


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