A Simple Reflection On Friends

There are a lot of things I could write about today. TV shows that are starting up; current events; new books that are out; the upcoming holiday season. Mucho mucho stuff to write on. But as I sat down to write, I knew I’d write about my friendships. Just because.

I like that you can count on your friends to know you and to want to make your days better. I’ll give you two instances.

1.  My super ninja librarian friend (get better soon, lady!) has a love of British television (although she has not gotten into Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman which I JUST DON’T GET!!!). There are many things that we share in common, namely books and an irrational, nay, unhealthy love of the movie Brown Sugar with Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan (RAP COACH!!! That one’s for you, pal.) Plus, we still act like we’re teachers even though we’re not technically teaching in the classroom. But once a teacher, always a teacher. Anyways, she knows me so well, and she wanted somebody to share in the silliness, so she introduced me to British comedy Miranda, starring Miranda Hart from Call the Midwife. If you haven’t watched it yet, and a) are awesome; b) enjoy farcical comedy; c) need a reason to laugh uncontrollably at a ridiculous woman (who actually reminds me of myself quite a bit…I’m one bad day away from creating my own ‘vegeta-pals’ – scary), then this is the show for you. My friend and I can now share this show and I’m so grateful to have a person who just ‘gets’ me. It’s a beautiful thing to be understood like that. And yes, I’m waxing poetic about the connection a television show has given me with my friend. Don’t judge me. As Miranda would say, “Rude!”

2. My other friend, my best friend since junior high school, is another person who can make my day in very small days. She called me the other day and asked if I was home. When I told her yes, she merely said, “Ok,” and hung up. Not five minutes later, she called again and told me to open my front door because a surprise was waiting for me. What I saw had me laughing at the utter silliness of it all (I think you’ll learn that we can be great friends if you have a touch of the silly in you…I’m easy that way). What did I see there that made me giggle? Let me explain…My friend and I have been watching the Outlander series on Starz. I’ve read the books, she hasn’t. She was at work one day and found a website where you could make a “Pocket Jamie”. She was bored and so she proceeded to print out, cut, and laminate a bookmark sized Jamie Alexander Malcolm Fraser and drove over to my house to put him at my doorstep. She has since created a twin. I fully intend on making him my Elf on the Shelf this year and sending her pictures of him to show her how much I enjoy her gift. Now why is this a big deal? Because after so many years of friendship, we are still those two twelve year olds who met on bus going to Six Flags. She is still one of the people that I can share anything with, whose family has become my own, and who will understand and share in my hobbies. It is sometimes scary how she can text me when I’ve been thinking about something I want to share with her. Have you seen that saying on Pinterest or Tumblr or somewhere that states something like, “If other people overheard your conversations, they’d think you belonged in a mental institution?” That’s us.


I am blessed to have these ladies, and others, in the silly sphere I call my world. (Silly is the word for the day, I guess). I am grateful for them, and hope that others are just as blessed.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Reflection On Friends

  1. Awwwwww. 1. Benedict Cumberbatch does not do Sir Arthur Conan Doyle justice. SO THERE 2. My love for Brown Sugar is NOT unhealthy. 3. Dude definitely needed a RAP COACH… “marriage on my menu”, indeed. 4. Reading your blog is SUCH FUN!

    • 1. You and I disagree on the topic of Senor Cumberbatch. SO THERE. 2. And our mutual love for Brown Sugar is probably unhealthy but you’re still in the denial phase, which is ok. I’m planning your/our intervention. 3. And thanks! Lol.

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