Book Feelies…the good kind

What are book feelies? In my world, it’s usually the collection of various feelings you get as you’re reading a book that is just fantastic. You get the book feelies when you’re reading something that simultaneously makes you think, wonder, and feel a lot of different things. Now, the last time I posted I mentioned a list of new-to-me books I was going to read. Wellllllll, I have yet to read them. But I have a good excuse! In their stead, I read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan and The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.  Can I just say….book feelies, people. Major book feelies. And here’s why.

1. These are both debut novels. As in, they are the first published works of both writers. THAT BOGGLES MY MIND! They are so good in vastly different ways. I went from the ultra-fast, uber modern landscape of Google territory in Sloan’s book to the mysticism and novelty of the Ellis Island frontiers. The knowledge, not to mention research, that went into these works of fiction was no small feat, and the writing is stellar in both. I have the highest respect for the writers and can honestly say I await their next works with bated breath. 

2.  I was immersed in the worlds. More so with The Golem and the Jinni because it had more of a magical realism element that is right up my alley. I’m a girl who loves her fairy tales, legends, and folktales…A LOT. 

3.  I was envious, in the good way – the way that shows how much respect and admiration I have for these authors. I get the book feelies when I find myself thinking I wish I could write like that or I wish I had written this. Again, based on my preferences, I found myself more swayed by Wecker’s book. She masterfully laces together a fabric of legend and history, not only of two characters, but of several, and when you look back by the end of the last page, you can’t help but wonder, “How did she do that?” Because, truly, it’s beautiful. 

So, in conclusion, dear friends, I have a reason for not reading the other books yet, and I wouldn’t trade these book feelies for anything because it’s been awhile since I’ve felt them. It makes me love the written word even more than I already did, it it’s at all possible. 

The end. For now. 

2 thoughts on “Book Feelies…the good kind

  1. I just put Golem and Jinni on hold. It may not give me the book feelies, but since it has you all twitterpated, I must read Wecker’s book.

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