Girl Walks into a Bookstore

I am so uncool. I went to Barnes & Noble during a lunch break (thus breaking my Thou Shalt Not Visit A Bookstore Commandment – why do I have this? Because, folks, I am a book floozy and I can be had very easily for the price of a book. I have no willpower. Sure I can tell myself I’m only going to get one book, but who am I kidding? Not me, that’s for damn sure. So, I get too many books, my bank account begins to complain and it just gets sad. Anyway, this has turned into a long sidebar, so I’m going to move on. Follow me outside of the parenthesis). 

Like I was saying. I went into the bookstore looking for Volume I of Raymond E. Feist’s ‘Riftwar Saga’ entitled Magician: Apprentice. I’ve been wanting to discover a new Sci Fi/Fantasy writer (I’ve read Terry Goodkind and George R.R. Martin and I need another series in this genre). I mistakenly got the second book in the series, thus breaking the commandment that states Thou Shalt Not Read A Book Out Of Order. So I took the plunge and went into that bookstore. Want to know what happened? Four books. Four books is what happened, and you know what? I’m counting that as a win because it could have easily been 5-10 books. 

I’m determined to find a new Sci Fi/Fantasy book/series that I like/love. Then I took a detour into Thrillers/Mysteries. It was a strange day. I didn’t even go into the romance aisle ONCE. So, here’s what I got.


1. Raymond E. Feist’s Magician: Apprentice

2. Robin Hobb’s Dragon Keeper 

3. Preston & Child’s Fever Dream

4. Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None


This has officially become a reading challenge since I have not read any of the works written by these authors. I will record my thoughts here as I go. 

But again, four books! That’s pretty good, right? I’m really just trying to rationalize here. 


One thought on “Girl Walks into a Bookstore

  1. Four books is absolutely amazing. In fact, it is beyond amazing because you can’t leave a bookstore with less than five books. It’s a law. Either you browse and don’t buy anything (HA!) or you must buy a minimum of five books. That being said, you forgot to buy Nnedi Okorafor’s, “Akata Witch.” You must rectify this error immediately!

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