Veronica Roth’s ALLEGIANT

I just finished the book. My Super Librarian friend (that’s my new name for her because she’s like a superhero, or a ninja, only better because her job deals with books) told me that there was some hullabaloo over this third and last installment of the series. I wanted to read for myself before finding out what said hullabaloo was about. (Tangent: Hullabaloo is a fun word. We don’t say it nearly enough. That, and shenanigans.)

Apparently, many people are not happy with certain things that happen in the book, or the handling of some technical and literal aspects. I’m not here to sound off. Instead, I want to share this funny compilation of gifs that a blogger posted on after reading the book. They’re amusing and I associated with some of them. If you want to read, just click on the link above.

OH! And beware – there are SPOILERS aplenty at this site, so if you haven’t read the book yet and plan to – wait to read this.


Malala Yousafzai – Girl Wonder

Malala Yousafzai, the teen activist from Pakistan who was targeted by the Taliban for speaking out for education rights for girls, stuns Jon Stewart into silence. Frankly, she did the same for me. She is incredibly poised, intelligent, and has an innate integrity that is rare in one so young. I wanted to cry in delight that she is alive and thriving; I wanted to cry in anger at the injustice of the world because so many other girls and boys are not thriving; and I wanted to cry because she moved me. This young woman could have simply gone away. She could have been so traumatized by the events that transpired the day she was shot, that she no longer wanted another person to so much as look at her, much less know her as the face of advocacy for education for girls in her country and internationally. And yet, she has turned her tragedy into a platform to speak her truth, to reach out, and to promote change. To encourage a dialogue, as she stated in this interview. I simply had to share.