I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

I've Been a Bad Blogger

Tulum, Mexico
MAY 2013

I’ve been a bad blogger. But I’ve also been very busy, so I hope that makes up for everything. One of those busy things was a trip to Cancun and the neighboring region. I’d never been to Cancun. It was beautiful, but word to the wise…IT IS HUMID! I’m from Arizona so I’m familiar with heat, but we like to say it’s a dry heat for a reason. I would start melting the moment I left the hotel. On a positive note, I got to walk around in Cancun, which reminded me a lot of Las Vegas…it has that kind of energy. I also went to Xcaret, which I can only describe as an amusement park, even though it doesn’t have rides and such. They have an INCREDIBLE show at the end of the night that highlights Mexican’s history and regions in a unique way. It’s part History on Broadway, part parade, part song and dance. And the costumes are nothing short of spectacular. For about $39 a person, you can dine in special seating during the 2 hour show. I recommend this highly. We got appetizers, two drinks, an entree, and a dessert with preferential seating.
I also went to Playa del Carmen’s famous 5ta Avenida, which is Spanish for 5th Avenue. A fitting name for a long street of restaurants, shops, and bars. On one of the hottest days, we went to Tulum, the site of ancient ruins that are preserved as is. Outside the ruins, there is a quaint but rustic village of shops and restaurants, but once inside, it is all as it was years and years ago. It was easy to picture an ancient civilization going about their daily rituals in this place. It’s nice that the ocean is right next to the site because walking through the ruins is akin to walking on the sun. In May, anyway. Don’t go in May.
Overall, I had a wonderful time, and thus concludes my How I Spent My Summer report, which is what I realize I’m doing, lol. I will try to be better at blogging, but hope my Mexican adventures made up for it.

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