Twenty Word Story (or less)

Twenty Word Story (or less)

  You can play, too. Write a little story, but make sure it’s 20 words or less.

 The book had been hidden for generations in the secret room. Finally, Gisele’s  scribbled truths would come to light.


Happy 50th, General Hospital!

My mom used to watch General Hospital a long time ago, in the Luke and Laura days. I started watching because of her, and their stories are threads of my own personal tapestry. The stories have changed, as have the characters, and I haven’t always liked the direction the showrunners have taken, but I will say this – General Hospital is a staple in daytime television, and will hopefully remain one for many years to come. The 50th Anniversary of the show is taking place this week, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying how wonderful it’s been seeing all the old characters back on the show. I’ve gotten teary an embarrassing amount of times. But I think the writers are doing a great job of honoring the show’s past while keeping their stories current. Well done.
Here’s a mash-up of the opening credits from the first years up until now. I have to say, my favorite was the Faces of the Heart opening by Dave Koz. If you’re a GH fan, you’ll know what I’m talking about.