Day 27: Treasured Item

Day 27: Treasured Item

One of my essay questions on a high school assignment was: if you were stranded on a deserted island (original, I know), what three items would you take with you? My answer for one of these is still the same as it was then. My parents bought this 12-volume collection for me when I was about six or seven. They saw that I liked books, and they knew that eventually I would be able to read the content of these massive tomes (they were massive tomes to me at the time, but in a post J.K. Rowling/Terry Goodkind world, I am now educated on what tomes actually are).
The books have abridged versions of everything spanning various mythologies and pieces of classic literature, and the illustrations are elegant in their old-worldliness. I love these books and will keep them forever. I’ll be an old, gummy woman with bifocals you could serve dinner on, and the MY BOOK HOUSE volumes in their white and pastel motif will still be mine. Have you gotten that they are to me what the One Ring is to Frodo, Smeagol, and the rest of the Middle-earth fellowship?

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