Day 18: Sign

Day 18: Sign

A sign I’m close. Close to being a legit writer, close to having my books rub spines with the literary greats, close to the dream. Not to get all mushy on you guys (it is Valentine’s Day, though, so surely I’m allowed, right? Right?) but having my story selected for this anthology was one of the most delightful surprises of my life. I still grin like an idiot because in that book is something I wrote. Me. It is an amazing feeling and I’m only going to get more gooey if I try to describe it and you don’t want to read about that. (If you do, because you’re a masochist, or you have time to spare, or both, see my contact information).
Anyway, just seeing this cover makes me smile. It’s a sign I’m on my way.
Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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