Deck the Halls with ROMANCE!


Avon is ringing (get it, rings, five golden rings…no? ok, never mind) in the holidays with their “Deck the Halls with Romance” event which promotes romance stories with a holiday twist. If you go to, you’ll find tons of stories from your favorite authors. And since you’ve probably been busy shopping for others, why not stop by and browse, and pick up a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ for yourself. You know you deserve it. (I’m assuming you’re all on the nice list, but even the naughty deserve good reading material, right?) I’ve followed my own advice and have picked up Lori Wilde’s The Christmas Cookie Chronicles series. I had the family kids over yesterday for my annual Christmas Arts & Crafts day, and I’m a little cookie-d out, but this series is just what I’m looking for – cookies with all the fun but none of the fat.

On a minor tangent – as of December 18th, FIVE GOLDEN RINGS was ranked #41 on Barnes & Noble’s Top 100 List


#5 on Nook’s Under $5 romance page


#20 on the bestselling romance books page 

If that doesn’t deserve a Woo Hoo!, I don’t know what does. I’m so grateful to all those who have purchased the book for all the great holiday stories, and I can only hope (and pray, and jump backwards five times, and fast for a month) that everyone enjoyed it. 



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